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Passion is the most exciting and inspirational aspect of your personal economy. Your passion could be your work, a hobby, or experiences that allow you to unwind and escape your daily routine. We increasingly appreciate their value and how important they are to our emotional and financial well-being.

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Exploring Personal Economy: Passion

Watch to see how we discover the intangible value of people's passions across the globe, and how important our passions are to our emotional and financial well-being.

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When passion flows into success

Passions are the things in life to get excited about, and they’re not necessarily a form of relaxation.

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According to Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, professor of psychology, happiness comes from losing oneself while doing something immersive and engaging. It is a meditative state where overthinking something disappears and going with the flow happens spontaneously: “For everyone that flow channel will be when you are doing what you really like to do - play the piano, be with your best friend, perhaps work, if work is what provides flow for you.”

… passion comes from doing the best and having flow while you're working.

Csikszentmihaly interviewed CEOs who had been voted by their peers as successful and ethical for his book Good Business and found they defined success as something that helps others, while making them feel happy: “And like all of these successful and responsible CEOs say, you can't have just one of these things be successful if you want a meaningful and successful job. It's kind of a passion that comes from doing the best and having flow while you're working.”

For many, passion is somehow different from work, but for the CEOs in Csikszentmihaly’s book, they are one and the same. Identifying if whether or not one’s work is their passion can be elusive because they might be too busy doing it to realise that it is. Likewise, if there’s something one spends time and money on, and maybe even sacrifice sleep over outside of work, then it’s likely that this activity is in actual fact a deeply held passion.

Identifying one’s passion can be the stepping stone to a new and exciting career move. “Believe enough in what you do to have the confidence to get paid for it.” — wise words from Seth Godin, entrepreneur and marketer.

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45.8% of the UK population felt they had time to do the things they enjoyed in life with the European average close in at 44.8%

Source: European comparisons of well-being, 2014. Office for National Statistics
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